Who do We Support?

Since 1971, we have raised around $2 million and donated to over 200 organizations in India and the US. From 2014-2015, we raised and disbursed $204,000 to various organizations in India and the US.

Special Projects

HHH has focused on Special Projects to help differently able children in many ways:

  • Corrective Surgery for Polio/CP/Spastic - Surgeries for over 200 children are done annually in India where since 1999, we have empowered around 3,000 children under this initiative
  • Autism - Learn life skills through education
  • Corrective Surgery for Blindness & Other Vision Problems
  • Established a Computer Learning Center in HOPE, Durgapur, India
  • Provided education and vocational training to handicapped children
  • Funded a residential school/hostel for hearing impaired, mute & handicapped girls in Bangalore, India

We also have donor designation projects which are projects directed by a donor who wishes to support a project at a specific institution that meets the HHH guidelines.